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Un-Leaded Design Inc., ULD, is a premier fire sprinkler design services firm providing high-quality integrative design to local, national, and international markets. Owner & Founder Ronnie Fujikawa NICET Level IV is a third-generation fire sprinkler designer. He grew up in the shop, following in his father and grandfather’s design steps, learning the integrative skill of design by hands-on experience. From the age of thirteen on he spent his summers working in the fabrication shop. At sixteen, he added a draft table to his bedroom decor. Never one to let an opportunity to learn to pass by, he watched closely as his mother and father designed with a pencil in one hand, eraser in the other. Hands covered in “lead” learning the precise skill of accurate fire sprinkler design.

At Eighteen, he started an apprenticeship program called FAST, and by twenty-one, he became a licensed Journeyman. He spent his twenties fitting fire sprinkler pipe in the field, hands-on, wrench in one hand, pipe in the other. His experience in all areas from the draft table, to the fabrication, to the installation perfectly positioned him for his greatest endeavor- putting down the pencil, pipe, and wrench and moving into the next generation of fire sprinkler design services – the “Un-Leaded Design”. He completed two years of night classes to learn “Computer-Aided Design” or CAD and Un-Leaded Design Inc. was born.

Un-Leaded Design Inc. is an independent contract design firm with NICET Level 4 expertise. We provide multi-system fire sprinkler design services to fire suppression companies. Design is the framework for all fire suppression companies- without design, there is no system to install. Using our generations of experience and expertise in fire sprinkler design services our team creates clear, efficient, design to meet all your fire suppression needs. We offer competitive pricing and customizable systems to fit all your unique design needs. Our ULD team will help your sales department prepare accurate quotes for bidding, coordinate site surveys, perform water flow tests, review project specs, communicate throughout the design process, prepare detailed stock lists, and provide clear professional drawings for your team to install. Our commitment to excellence covers your design needs from concept to completion and beyond. We strive to provide the best design experience for your team so we can provide Un-Leaded Design to your company for generations to come.

Just to get a perspective on the caliber team you can experience with Un-Leaded Design and our fire sprinkler design services, check out some bio details from great people on our team…(Even though we including specific people on our team in this About Us page, this does not mean that the rest of the team is worse than these people. Everyone is great on our fire sprinkler services team.)


Ronnie Fujikawa is the owner of Un-Leaded Design. He has over 30 years of fire suppression design experience. He’s an engineer and designs automatic fire sprinklers for commercial and residential facilities. Ronnie is also a level IV designer and operates a hard-working team of NICET 3 and 4 designers. He is efficient and AutoSprink, AutoCAD, HASS hydraulic calculations, and Navisworks Manage BIM programs. He has also built ULD to be a subcontractor for local and out-of-state fire sprinkler installation companies. Not to mention, he’s also a fire inspector for Jenks Fire and Rescue.

His favorite hobbies include golfing, barbecuing, and spending time on the lake. Like father, like son. He can also build everything out of anything. A jack of all trades, and yes, even a master of them. Ronnie is married to his amazing wife, Crystal, and has 4 kids.


Ronald E. Fujikawa is the definition of hard-working at Un-Leaded Design. From the age of 13, he worked with sprinklers in the installation department with his stepfather. He discovered his true passion was working in the design department. During this time, he attended high school in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated in 1965. He then attended Mata Drafting College in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated in July 1966. On April 1st, 1967, he married his lovely high school sweetheart, Constance (Connie). He became employed at Western Electric in the drafting department, for one month, before being drafted into the Army for the Vietnam War in July 1967. He went to Vietnam in July of 1968 and came back home in July 1969. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his brave and heroic services. He moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife and 5 kids to work as a design manager at Wilson Fire Sprinkler Co. He then worked for Wormald Fire Sprinkler Company and then worked for Wilco Fire Sprinklers. His family moved to Miami, Florida, and he worked as a design manager for Wiginton Fire Sprinkler for 7 years. Ronald and his family moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he worked as a designer for Mac Fire Systems. He eventually “retired”, and began working with his son’s company, Un-Leaded Design.

As far as hobbies go, he loves landscaping, golfing, and anything that involves water.

His favorite quote is, “Are you serious?”


Tina Sutton’s mission for Un-Leaded Design is to constantly be dedicated to excellence and quality in serving customers. Optimization and efficiency in business processes are what she strives for. This mindset is what she’s been doing for 25 plus years. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management. She also has a minor in Management Information Systems. She is also a fitness enthusiast! She ran a half-marathon, and afterward prayed for new knees. She’s a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycle Instructor for SKY Fitness & Wellbeing. She’s also a certified Les Mills BodyPump instructor. On top of all of this, she is an active PTA member and Patriot Run Chairperson at Union Public Schools, and runs the Info Booth Department at Destiny Church since 2010. This woman is non-stop!

Tina’s lifestyle can be attributed to her large family who she thanks God for every day. She loves her 4 siblings, calling them lifelong friends. Their parents taught them to never give up, be generous, and to honor God in all you do! Their parents have been married over 53 years, and to be around them are some of her most favorite moments in life. They are a treasure.

Her favorite things in the world are her hard-working, man of God husband, and being a mom to her two wonderful kiddos. Tina and Aaron love to take road trips to historical places, national parks, and monuments. And of course, a road trip isn’t the same, without stopping to QT for a treat.

One of Tina’s favorite quotes are, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:25
Another favorite of hers is, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

At the end of it all, Tina’s heartbeat is to love God and love others the best she can.


Aaron Sutton is an incredible designer at Un-Leaded Design. He’s been with the company for 13 years, since graduating from Lanier Tech and becoming proficient in AutoCAD design. Aaron is a NICET level III in Water-Based design. To make his work even more efficient, he built his own office in his backyard. He’s been married 17 years to the best woman in the world, Tina Sutton. He’s also living the dream and gets to work with his wife, Tina. They make up the dream team.

His favorite hobbies include building homemade Halloween costumes for his two adorable kids and road-tripping with the family. He’s a huge fanatic for Diet Coke for McDonald’s and Peanut M&M’s.

Aaron’s favorite quote is, “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” -Marion G. Harmon